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Chess Camp 3: Strategic Mastery in an Exclusive Setting (All Levels)

Location: SpiderSmart Learning Center, Fulshear
Date & Time: June 10-14, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Dive into the world of strategic mastery with Chess Camp 3, designed for players eager to enhance their tactical skills and creative thinking. Held in the scenic SpiderSmart Learning Center in Fulshear, this exclusive afternoon camp is limited to just 8 students, ensuring personalized coaching and significant hands-on experience.

What We Offer:

♟ Advanced Strategic Concepts: Learn winning strategies from experienced coaches who bring complex ideas into clear focus, tailored to a small group setting.

♟ Creative Tactical Play: Experiment with bold tactics and innovative plays that can surprise your opponents and alter the course of games.

♟ Simultaneous Exhibitions: Experience the thrill of simultaneous exhibitions with our master players or coaches, playing multiple games at once against camp attendees.

♟ Interactive Lessons and Games: Engage with both traditional lessons and interactive digital tools that make learning fun and effective. Participate in scenario-based challenges that sharpen problem-solving skills. ♟ Prizes and Surprises: Compete in daily contests and creative challenges with the chance to win unique chess-themed prizes.

♟ Healthy Refreshments: Enjoy healthy snacks, with careful consideration for allergies, along with chess-related brain breaks to enhance strategic thinking and focus.

Cost: $250 (All-inclusive)

Chess Camp 3 is ideal for players looking to deepen their understanding of chess strategies and tactics in an intimate, focused environment. Prepare to elevate your game and become a formidable competitor. Secure your spot today for an exclusive opportunity to advance your chess prowess!

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Chess Camp 3 Registration
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