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Chess Camp 4: All-Day Chess Mastery (Beginner to Advanced)

Location: Best Kids Academy, Katy

Date & Time: June 17-21, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Join us for an exhilarating full-day chess camp experience at Best Kids Academy! Tailored for enthusiastic young chess players, this camp promises a week of strategic learning and fun.


What We Offer:

♟ In-depth Coaching: Experience comprehensive chess instruction with our dedicated coaches who focus on advanced tactics and strategic mastery.

♟ Engaging Curriculum: Dive deeper into chess theory with sessions that expand your understanding and application of the game.

♟ Interactive Breaks: Enjoy fun chess activities and STEM-related brain breaks, ensuring a balanced and engaging learning environment.

♟ Fun Lunch Breaks: Relax and recharge with a chess-themed or kid-friendly movie during lunch, with an option to keep playing if desired.

♟ All-Day Tournament: Showcase your skills in an all-day tournament on Friday, with accommodations for those preferring puzzles and casual play.

♟ Frequent Recess: Benefit from at least one 10-minute break each hour, combining recess, stretching, and educational fun.

♟ Healthy Meals Option: Opt for our lunch package, ensuring dietary considerations and providing nutritious meals to keep you energized.


Cost: $350 for the week, $400 with lunch included


Chess Camp 4 is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the game, learn from the best, and enjoy a week filled with challenges and achievements. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive chess journey!

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