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Katy Fall Group Courses

Wednesday Beginner Course: Session I from 4:00pm to 5:00pm:

Embark on an enchanting chess adventure tailored for young minds in our 16-week Beginner Chess Course. Designed for kids who are completely new to chess, we will discover the magical world of chess, learn to maneuver their pieces with confidence, unravel the secrets of tactical brilliance, and ignite their imagination on the 64-square battlefield.

Wednesday Beginner Course: Session II from 5:15pm to 6:15pm:

Continue the journey with our Beginner Session II Course, immediately following Session I. Explore deeper aspects of chess strategy, openings, and positional play. Ignite your child's passion for chess in this captivating course designed to nurture their growth as budding chess enthusiasts.


Wednesday Beginner Bundle: Session I & II (Extended Session):Responding to valuable parent feedback, we're excited to introduce the Wednesday Beginner Bundle: Session I & II with Extended Session Duration. We understand the importance of providing ample time for your child to grasp essential chess skills, which is why this series offers an extended class duration. Not only does this allow for deeper engagement, but it also comes at a reduced price, ensuring an enriching and affordable chess learning experience for your child. Explore the world of chess, from foundational moves to strategic planning, in this comprehensive bundle designed for growth.

Monday Advanced Course from 5:30pm to 6:30pm:

Join us on a journey of chess mastery in our 15-week Advanced Chess Course, designed to challenge and elevate seasoned players to new heights of strategic thinking and tactical prowess. Delve into cutting-edge opening theory, refine your calculation and visualization skills, and unravel the complexities of positional sacrifices and endgame mastery, as you unlock the secrets of grandmaster-level play and unleash your full potential on the chessboard.

Location: Best Kids Academy: 21915 Royal Montreal Dr, Katy, TX 77450

The course fees are adjusted weekly based on the classes attended. We encourage you to revisit each week for the latest pricing updates. Please see the registration and payment options below:


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