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2023 Klein Chess Camp Registration Form 

Contact and Authorized Pick Up Information


Names of those people who are authorized to pick up your child from camp:

Medical Information - Fill This Section If Needed

Emergency Treatment Authorization

“In case of an accident or serious illness, I authorize the individuals working with the camp to provide any and all necessary medical treatment for my child, at my expense.  I agree to hold the Camp Staff harmless from all liability for any injuries my child may receive while participating in this camp.”

Student Behavior Contract

“I will do my best to act respectful and appropriate to: The Camp Staff, Coaches, and other students at all times. I will not roughhouse, tease, or touch any student in a harmful way. I understand that I must notify an adult when I need to leave a classroom area. I know that the classrooms and its equipment are not my own so I must be respectful of all things in it. If I have broken something, the Staff will notify my Parent/Guardian that they will need to replace it. If I am not able to abide by these rules, my Parent/Guardian will be called, and I will be asked not to return to camp. I understand this contract is my responsibility and there will be no behavior issues with me during camp.”

Payment Options and How You Heard About Us

Online payment includes fees. 

Select Pay by Cash/Check/Zelle/Venmo to avoid online fees.






Select your method of payment.

Thanks for registering for Summer chess camp!

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