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Chess Camp 6: Strategic Play at SpiderSmart

Location: SpiderSmart Learning Center, Katy (Mason Road)
Date & Time: June 24-28, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Embark on a strategic adventure this summer with Chess Camp 6 at SpiderSmart Learning Center. This afternoon camp is perfect for young chess enthusiasts looking to sharpen their skills and embrace the challenges of the game.

What We Offer:

♟Exclusive Learning Environment: With a cap of just 8 participants, each student receives unparalleled personal attention from our experienced coaches.

♟ Tailored Instruction: Learn from experienced chess coaches who adapt their teaching to suit all levels of players, ensuring personal growth and improved strategic thinking.

♟ Comprehensive Learning: Engage in a curriculum that covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced tactics, enabling a deeper understanding of chess.

♟ Interactive Play: Daily chess games and tactical exercises designed to reinforce learning and foster competitive spirit.

♟ End-of-Camp Tournament: Test your skills in a friendly yet competitive tournament on the last day, providing a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned.

♟ Convenient Registration: Register directly through SpiderSmart or contact us for more details. Limited spots available, so don’t delay!

Cost: $250

Chess Camp 6 blends intensive chess training with a fun, engaging atmosphere, making it perfect for players who thrive in a more personalized learning environment. Register now to guarantee your place in this limited-capacity camp!

Chess Camp 6 Registration
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Chess Camp 6
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