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About Foundation Chess
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Our Mission:

Foundation Chess is dedicated to building essential competencies in young minds through chess. We offer enriching programs that foster continuous growth, effective communication, and quality with integrity, benefiting parents, schools, and students alike.

Core Values:


  • Lifelong Learning: A commitment to continuous educational enrichment.

  • Empathetic Communication: Cultivating Transparency and Understanding.

  • Quality and Integrity: High standards of quality and ethics in all offerings.

Our Founder:
Founded in 2016, Foundation Chess has become a beacon of chess education in Houston and Katy. Our founder and principal instructor, John Hendrick, brings over a decade of experience since 2007 as a USCF Candidate Master and academic chess coach. He’s passionate about inspiring excellence in chess.

Our Services:
From private lessons to tournaments, we offer diverse services for all ages and skill levels. Our team of qualified instructors is dedicated to providing exceptional chess education.

Join Our Team:
We're on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about chess and teaching. Whether you're interested in a coaching role or looking to volunteer, there's a place for you at Foundation Chess. Volunteers play a crucial role in our community, and we're happy to offer credit for NHS or other volunteer programs. Come work with us and contribute to our mission of delivering the highest quality chess education in the region.









Empowering Minds Through Chess:
Join us in nurturing young talents and making a lasting impact on the chess community.

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