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Meet Coach John Hendrick
Owner, John Hendrick

John Hendrick, the founder of Foundation Chess, has been a guiding force in the chess community since establishing the organization in 2016. As a USCF Candidate Master and an experienced academic chess coach, he has dedicated the last 17 years to offering chess classes and tournaments in and around the Houston and Katy areas. Under his leadership, Foundation Chess has grown into a respected institution, reflecting his deep commitment to the game and its educational value.

Mr. Hendrick  graduated cum laude in 2005 with a B.S. in Pscyhology and  a B.A. in Anthropology. 

His passion for chess began when he was in middle school. He went on to be the 1996 Texas State Scholastic Champion in his sophomore year of high school. 

This was when Mr. Hendrick discovered that chess could become a lifelong endeavor and he longed to share this skill with others.

Due to Mr. Hendrick's passion for inspiring children to learn chess,
he is always seeking out the most robust and creative teaching methods for mastering the game. 

As a result, Mr. Hendrick is well equipped to help you or your child find the best training methods and curriculum for rapid chess improvement. Since the pandemic, Mr. Hendrick has also been teaching adult students and helping them reach their full potentials.

Meet Coach Elena Stuckert
Coach Elena Stuckert

Elena Stuckert is an accomplished chess coach and experienced educator with a solid foundation in public schools and a bachelor's degree in Geography and Kinesiology. With a background deeply rooted in a family of passionate chess enthusiasts, Ms. Stuckert has honed her skills and achieved notable success in tournaments. Her greatest joy comes from nurturing young talents, guiding them to shine on the competitive stage.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Ms. Stuckert is dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching learning experience. Her goal is to transform each chess move into a stepping stone towards growth and accomplishment for her students. Through her guidance and expertise, Ms. Stuckert aims to empower the next generation of chess enthusiasts to reach their full potential.

Meet Coach Michael Ramer
Coach Michael Ramer

Michael Ramer is a real estate agent and academic chess coach who has taught chess classes near and around the Greater Houston Area for the last seven years.

Mr. Ramer  graduated cum laude in 2002 with a B.A. in Finance, and
his passion for chess began when he was in middle school. A two-time instructor at the Klein Chess Camp, he has coached public and private school students to success at both individual and team tournaments. As a young player who was among the top 25 strongest high school chess players in Texas, he focus is on helping beginner to intermediate strength players achieve their full potential.  Mr. Ramer is fond of all of his students who enjoy playing chess, potentially making it a lifelong hobby.

Meet Coach Aaron Faraías
Coach Aaron Faraias

Aaron Faraias: A Chess Virtuoso Guiding Young Minds

Aaron Faraias, an accomplished chess coach, stands as a testament to excellence in the chess community. With a remarkable track record, Aaron's achievements in chess are notable:

  • Overall National Ranking: 13,073 (Tied) out of 79,532, placing him in the 83.6 percentile.

  • Junior National Ranking: 4,369 (Tied) out of 59,590, showcasing him in the 92.7 percentile.

  • State Ranking in Texas: 985 (Tied) out of 11,505, affirming his position in the 91.5 percentile.

These rankings highlight Aaron's profound skill and strategic acumen in the competitive chess landscape, both at a national and state level. His deep understanding and appreciation of chess nuances make him a remarkable educator and mentor.

Aaron brings to his teaching a unique blend of top-tier chess skills and insightful knowledge, gained through extensive experience in competitive play. He is driven by a passion for nurturing young talents, guiding them to excel in chess tournaments and beyond. His approach to teaching focuses on using each move on the chessboard as a learning opportunity, helping students to grow not only as players but as thinkers and strategists.

With Aaron's guidance, students are empowered to reach their full potential, unlocking their capabilities to succeed in the intricate and thrilling world of chess.

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