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Spring 2024 in Katy: Engaging Courses, Limited Spots!

Chess Beginnings: Kinder & 1st Grade (Previously Beginner Course: Session I)

  • Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Overview: Dive into the enchanting world of chess with our "Chess Beginnings" course, specially designed for kindergarteners and first graders. This 16-week journey introduces young minds to the basics of chess in a fun, engaging way. Participants will learn how to confidently move their pieces, understand basic tactics, and start thinking like chess players. Each session is crafted to spark imagination and love for the game on the 64-square battlefield.

Chess Basics and Beyond: 2nd Grade & Up (Previously Beginner Course: Session II

  • Time: 5:05pm to 6:05pm

  • Overview: "Chess Basics and Beyond" takes young players further into the realm of chess strategy. Aimed at students in 2nd grade and above, this course builds upon foundational knowledge. Kids will explore more advanced concepts like opening principles, positional play, and strategic thinking. This course is perfect for nurturing a deeper understanding and passion for chess, equipping students with the skills to evolve into more confident and capable players.

Beyond Foundations: Intermediate & Up (Previously Monday Advanced Course)

  • Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

  • Overview: "Beyond Foundations" is a 16-week course designed for intermediate and advanced young chess players. This program challenges students to elevate their game to new heights. Covering advanced topics such as cutting-edge opening theories, sophisticated tactical plays, and complex endgame strategies, the course is tailored to enhance calculation, visualization, and strategic skills. It's an ideal environment for students ready to delve into the deeper intricacies of chess and start playing at a near-grandmaster level.

Location: Best Kids Academy: 21915 Royal Montreal Dr, Katy, TX 77450

New Flexible Pricing! Ideal for Late Enrollments - Registration Forms Below


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